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Wednesday, October 26

Why Senior Moments Are Not a Warning

"Senior moments" have an actual name: Benign Senescence. 

My theory: Your brain can only store so much information in RAM, but your ROM is ridiculously good at holding on to stored data like your childhood phone number. The good news, though, is that forgetting is normal, not a sign of looming Alzheimer's. 

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Alternate names for Benign Senescence: Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) or benign senescent forgetfulness. 

And for non-techies, RAM is random-access, or short-term, memory; ROM is read-only, or long-term, memory.

Benign Senescence

Brief memory impairments related to aging. Happens when trying to remember or learn new information, rather than recalling long-standing memories. Not linked to dementia.

Sénescence bénigne

Brèves troubles de la mémoire liés au vieillissement. Se produit lorsque vous essayez de vous souvenir ou d'apprendre de nouvelles informations, plutôt que de rappeler des souvenirs de longue date. Non lié à la démence.